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Hatman, Inc. is proud to be a customer-run company. 
We base decisions big and small on what customers like you tell us you want, and how you want it. We strive to make our product as pleasurable and simple as possible. Comments and questions are encouraged and always welcome. The team at Hatman, Inc. makes every effort to reply to your message within 24 hours, Monday though Friday. Weekend emails are replied to during the beginning of the week. Click the email links below to contact the Hatman, Inc. team member that may best assist you. We look forward to hearing from you! 

Before asking a question, please read the FAQ first.

Mailing Address:
Hatman, Inc.
390 Willow Road
Lakemoor, IL 60051
EMail Addresses:
Baki Allen
Ilana Rudnik
Mike O'Connell
Chuck Zenkus
Programming Warrior, Designer, Web Page
Mac Support
 Designer, PC Support, Web Page

Thank Youse:
ZLURP! would like to thank the following people: 
Tommy Gauss - Bug Testing (PC) 
Merryl Houston - Bug Testing (PC)
THPerkins - Bug Testing (PC) 
Todd Papaleo "The Mess"- The first public release of ID3v2 Tagging.
John Podlasek "The Mess"- Bug Testing (PC) - The first public release of ID3v2 Tagging.
Mike O'Connell - Bug Testing (Mac), Mac Support, Mac, Mac and more Mac. 
Richard Ditton - Tech Geek, Guru
Todd Squires - Tech Geek, Guru
Fred Allen - Tech Geek, Guru
Matt Kern - Sounds, and Good Ideas

Bug Reports:
When e-mailing me regarding a possible bug, be sure to mention these things: 

The name and exact version of ZLURP! that the bug occurs on. 
Which OS you are running or have tested on (i.e. Windows 98, NT 4.0, etc.). 
What the problem is. Detailed steps to reproduce the problem, if possible. 


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