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ASPI Drivers Information

Adaptec ASPI drivers for Windows 95/98
Adaptec ASPI drivers for Windows NT

Digital/Compaq Symbios ASPI drivers for Windows NT/ALPHA

Advanced System Products ASPI drivers for Windows NT

You need to set your date back to 1998 before you can use this program.


Rev File Type Direct Download Author COST
8hz 1.0 MP3 dist10.tar.gz \ 8hz-mp3.tgz 8Hz Productions FREE
BLADE .91 MP3 BladeDLL-091 Tord Jansson FREE
Fraunhofer IIS .82 MP3 MP3ENC Fraunhofer IIS FREE
GOGO 2.30 MP3 gogo.exe Multi-authors FREE
LAME 3.70 MP3 LAMEenc.DLL Mike Cheng FREE
PLUGGER+ .04 MP3 Plugger04p Alberto Demichelis FREE
XING's TOMPG 1.5 MPA Site#1 \ Site#2 XING TECH No longer sold
XING 3.0 MP3 www.beyond.com XING TECH $19.95
Ogg Vorbis 1.0Beta OGG vorbis Ogg Vorbis FREE
FAAC (Freeware Advanced Audio Coder) .061 AAC Faac.zip MBSoft FREE
TwinVQ 254b6 VQF vqe254b6e.exe Yamaha FREE
Windows Media Audio 4.0 WMA Microsoft FREE


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