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Last Updated: 6/20/2005 

Here are answers to some of the top questions I've received regarding ZLURP! 

Q: What is Zlurp! and why do I want to use it?
A: Zlurp! is an ALL-IN-ONE CD audio tool. It rips, encodes and tags CDs. If you want to burn your own custom CDs, or create MP3s to listen to on your computer or portable player, you need Zlurp!
Q: I get an error when I try to rip the last song before a data track. How do I rip this track?
A: There is a setting, multimedia offset, you need to tweak if you have an error ripping a track that is followed by a data track. Depending on what CD drive you have, the calculation for how long that last track really is can vary. If the drive thinks the track is longer than it really is, when Zlurp hits the data, it thinks there's a problem.

Here's what you do...

Go to Settings, Input/Output
You will be changing the value in the Multimedia Offset field. Try bumping it up by 2. The higher this number, the shorter you are making the last track.

Hit OK

Then you must Get Info AGAIN! This is a very important step - this is where Zlurp! will recalculate the track length.

Select the track and rip it!

If you still get the problem message, go back and bump up the number again. If you bump it up too high, you will cut off some of the song, so listen to that last track and see if it gets chopped off. If that happens, adjust the value 1 or 2 lower!

Once you have gotten this value set, you shouldn't have to redo it again for that CD drive.

Q: What CD-Rom drive should I use?
A: Any NEW CD-Rom drive should have support for DAE(Digital Audio Extraction) and SIA (Stream Is Accurate) transfers. But some are better than others! To see which drives work best, go to our CD-ROM info. To buy one contact Dustin Arft @ CDW. Call TOLL FREE 877-325-3009
Q: Can I use external encoders with Zlurp!?
A: Yes, in fact all encoders are external. Zlurp! is just a great front-end.
Q: Where can I get encoders that will work with Zlurp!?
A: Zlurp! supports all forms of compression. The fastest MP3 encoder to date is L.A.M.E. which is what comes with ZLURP. There are many other encoders, but MP3 is by far the most popular. Go to our DOWNLOAD section for more info.
Q: Will ZLURP! run on Windows 2000/Windows XP?
A: Yes! :-)
Q: Why won't ZLURP! work with SCSI cdrom drives?
A: Currently ZLURP! only works on IDE devices.
Q: Is there anyway to make ZLURP! work faster?
A: Yes, make sure you have DMA turned on your cd-rom drive.
Have a second drive as just a scratch drive for ripping and encoding.
Q: How can I burn real cds that work in a normal player from mp3's?
A: You need to buy "roxio Easy CD & DVD Burning" from CDW for $24.86 Item 798257
I also recommend "Nero 6 Ultra Edition" from CDW for $24.37 Item 587787
Call TOLL FREE 877-325-3009 Dustin Arft. 

He will be more then happy to help you out!




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