UPDATE!- January 30, 2000
Ilana has a PRE ALPHA to look at.

A: NO! - Not yet.

Q: Why? Are you lazy?
A: NO! Trying to get the Windows version complete before starting a port.

Q: OK, Fine... So when can a MAC USER see a Beta?
A: NOW! You can bug our Mac Guru AKA "Monkeyboy"

Q: Will the Mac version come with an Encoder as well?
A: Yes! Ilana the mighty programmer will be working with LAME on the mac side too!

Q: Is there anything I can do as a MAC User to help in the port.
A: Stop threating poor Chuckie. The Mac port will come in time.
A: You might ask Ilana AKA "Byte-Sized"
A: If you are a MAC PROGRAMMER Ilana will take any help you have to offer/